équipement de catcher

posted by Jpcadieux 5 months ago

quelqu'un a laisser un équipement de catcher contacter jean philippe cadieux des classique cubs 514 9725988

Opportunity to play our game September 10th in the evening

posted by Speedy9 5 months ago

Hi guys, on September 3rd (after our game with you was rained out) we had notified the league that we were available during the week or Sunday however Saturday the 9th we have to be present for Pierrefonds baseball trophy day beginning at 10am since our team is comprised of Pierrefonds baseball coaches. We were finally able to reach Michael Beaton and he told us that we can play our game vs you on September 10th in the evening at a Parc yet to be determined. I sent a Facebook messenger message to your coach PJ Chambers in addition to this message. Here is hoping we can get that 17th game in and have some fun playing a classy team!


posted by stef70 6 months ago

HI, I am playing in the same conference , I am looking for 35 year old players and more for a tournement in Florida beetween november 2nd to november 5th,

bonjour, je joue dans la même division que votre équipe, je suis à la recherche de joueur qui serait intéresser à jouer dans un tournoi en floride du 2 au 5 novembre.

if any interested email me at: renobrikcvp@yahoo.ca

thanks/merci Stéphane